We Met at Millfield - Henry and Jenny Fay

We are asking OM couples to share stories of how they met at Millfield. This week's couple is Henry (1987-91; MPS/1991-96; Day) and Jenny (1994-96; Tor) Fay. 

Jenny joined Millfield for Sixth Form in 1994 and got to know Henry through the jazz band, run by Pat Benham. They finally got together just before Valentine’s Day in the Upper Sixth at an evening out at Gigi’s in Glastonbury. It was Alex Novak’s (1986-91; MPS/1991-96; Day) 18th Birthday Party and he went on to be Henry’s Best Man at their wedding.

Henry went to Southampton University to study Medicine and Jenny went to St John’s College, Oxford, to study Chemistry. After qualifying as a doctor, Henry first trained as a surgeon before changing direction and becoming a GP. Jenny trained as a Patent Attorney but now works as a portrait painter. They still share their love for Jazz and have founded two jazz bands together!

Henry and Jenny got married on 5 August 2000, at St Aldate’s Church in Oxford. They have two children, Reuben, aged 7, who is a very keen drummer and a little girl, Libby, aged 5, who loves painting. They will have been together 25 years next Valentine’s Day!

We asked Henry and Jenny what their favourite memory of Millfield was and they replied “We really enjoyed all the ballroom dancing lessons we had in the run up to the Summer Ball and, of course, the Ball itself. We also have very special memories of eating croissants in a cafe in the Loire Valley on a misty spring morning with Madame Parsons”.

The above photo was taken in a music practice room at Millfield in 1996. Thanks for sharing your story Henry and Jenny!

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