We Met at Millfield - Jo Hepworth and Luke Sutton

We are asking OM couples to share stories of how they met at Millfield. This week's couple is Jo Hepworth (1991-93; MPS/1994-96; Acacia) and Luke Sutton (1986-90; MPS/1990-95; Holmcroft) 

Jo and Luke both attended Millfield Prep and Millfield between the years of 1986 and 1996. Although Luke was three years above Jo, they both swam together in the Millfield swimming squad with John Anderson as their coach. They were not close friends at the time, but there was always a connection.  

They remember the old swimming pool at Millfield where you had to run outside from the changing rooms to the pool in the winter early mornings. Jo continued swimming and Luke turned his attention to cricket.

Luke went on to become a professional cricket player for over 17 years, playing for Derbyshire, Lancashire and Somerset, and Jo trained as an actress at Italia Conti in London.  

Some 20 plus years later they reconnected through work and met in 2018 and have been together ever since. Luke is now a successful sports agent for celebrities and Olympic athletes, and author of the book ‘Back from the Edge’. Jo owns a company which teaches a specialised anti-drowning technique for babies and children throughout Europe, called ‘Children of the Water’.  

They now live in Ibiza and have four children between them. Amelie & Albie from Luke’s first marriage and Hudson & Heath from Jo.  

Jo and Luke were due to marry in October 2020 in Ibiza, but due to the coronavirus, they have had to postpone until 2021.

We asked Jo and Luke what their best memory from Millfield was and they said “The best memory of Millfield is the friendships that last a lifetime”. 

Thanks for sharing your story Jo and Luke!  

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