We Met at Millfield - Nikki and Scott Lakin

We are asking OM couples to share stories of how they met at Millfield. This week's couple is Nikki (1982-84; MPS/1984-87; Abbey) and Scott (1984-87; Shapwick) Lakin. 

Nikki and Scott both joined the Senior School in 1984, but it was only in 1985 that they first met outside the Design and Technology block at the end of February. They were both 14 at the time! The photo above was taken in May 1985 in front of the dance studio, which had just finished being built, and the old sports hall “Barracuda”. 

Although they split up for a short while in their late teens, they went on to marry in July 1994 when they were both 23 years old. There were a huge number of OMs at the wedding!

Nikki and Scott have recently just moved back from New Zealand and they now run Bath’s oldest tea and coffee merchants ‘Gillards of Bath’.

They have two boys together, Lukas and Milo, who are now both in their 20s. Both boys also went to Millfield.

We asked Nikki and Scott what their favourite memory of their time at school was and they replied “We have a lifetime of fond memories from hops to athletics meets, but most importantly, we have lots of OM friends that we have grown up with and truly are extended family. We love them dearly”.

They will be celebrating their 26th Wedding Anniversary this year but because of Millfield, they will have been in love for over 35 years.

Thanks for sharing your story Nikki and Scott!

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