We Met at Millfield - Rita and Peter Hutchison

We are asking OM couples to share stories of how they met at Millfield. This week's couple is Rita (1959-62; Mollands) and Peter (1960-63; Millfield) Hutchison. 

Rita and Peter knew about each other at Millfield simply because they were both students at the same time. There were only 42 girls during Rita’s time at Millfield, known as the YLC (Young Ladies Club). Rita returned for the end of term Leavers Party in the July of 1963, and after Peter had fulfilled all his Head Boy duties, he finally invited her to dance at the last of the weekend parties. There began their long relationship and eventual marriage in 1968.

Rita and Peter got married at Rita’s home in Shropshire on the 24 February 1968. The above photo is from their wedding day. They have been together 57 years! They have three children - Michael James, born in 1971, Richard Alexander, born in 1972, and Suzanne Denise Victoria, born in 1981. Both boys attended Millfield!

After Millfield, Rita played one year of Senior Tennis Tournaments (she was a tennis scholar), and then went on to Secretarial College. Peter went to King’s College London, to study Civil Engineering. After they married, they went to Peru for eight years. Peter then changed careers and did an MBA at Stanford, and then they went to Mexico for 33 years. They came back to UK 10 years ago and chose to live close to many OM friends in Surrey.

We asked Rita and Peter about their favourite memory of their time at Millfield and they said “We are both forever grateful and feel blessed to have been to Millfield. We were lucky to have met each other there, and to have had the best education for life in the amazing institution that is Millfield. We were privileged enough to have R. J. O.  Meyer, Boss, as Headmaster. Peter as Head Boy actually persuaded Boss to even up the ratio between girls and boys”!

Thanks for sharing your story Rita and Peter!

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