“We need exam reform”: Millfield Headmaster Gavin Horgan speaks at Made By Dyslexia Global Summit with HRH Princess Beatrice

Millfield Headmaster Gavin Horgan has urged the government to reform the exams process in British schools, as the current format “restricts dyslexic learners.”

The Headmaster of the Somerset school, which is well known for its successful learning support programme, joined HRH Princess Beatrice and leading Dyslexia influencers in a panel discussion for the Made By Dyslexia Global Summit in London earlier in October. HRH Princess Beatrice was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of seven. The event was chaired by CNN’s Robyn Curnow and included Sir Richard Branson Founder of Virgin Group, Made By Dyslexia’s founder and former Millfield student Kate Griggs and education app Flipgrid and Microsoft’s Charlie Miller.

In the panel discussion, Gavin suggested that there could be a quick fix for supporting dyslexic learners, which is simply to “listen to the voices of the children.” The Headmaster strongly promotes pupil voice at Millfield, where children are encouraged to be disruptors and challenge the status quo.

Millfield is a leading independent boarding and day school in Somerset with over 1250 pupils, 80% of which are British nationals. The school was founded in 1935 with six Indian Princes as its first pupils, one of which was diagnosed with dyslexia.

Gavin says, “Millfield is a school that can cater for children of all academic abilities, including Oxbridge candidates and students that balance high-level sport alongside their studies. Leading the way in terms of learning support is something I feel very passionate about as an educator, and I hope that education ministers in the UK will acknowledge the power and talent that dyslexic learners have and give them the tools they need to become the future innovators in this country. The EY report released last week is clear that our workplaces need neurodiversity and the strengths typically displayed by dyslexics.”

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