Year 11 Wins Silver in Gymnastics British Finals

Year 11 Wins Silver in Gymnastics British Finals

Ilaria De Neiva Konig has won silver at the Acrobatic Gymnastics British Finals. She competed in the Womens Youth Trio category and placed second in Great Britain, as a British Silver Medalist.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics which requires a floor routine with tumbling, flexibility and agility moves and choreography with different styles of dance within the routines, performed in pairs or trios.

Gymnastics is Ilaria’s main sport, but she has always danced, as the two disciplines have a clear synergy. She enjoys ballet, lyrical and jazz as they closely align with the elements of acrobatic gymnastics.

Millfield offers a dance timetable of classes that enable Ilaria to dance 6 times a week. The classes she takes include contemporary, ballet, pointe and modern dance which she fits around her six gymnastics classes.

Ilaria’s passion for dance lead her to selecting it as a GCSE option. Millfield launched the GCSE Dance programme in September 2020. The programme, which is open to students in Year 10 and Year 11, follows three strands of learning: performance, choreography and dance appreciation. It aims to develop knowledge, understanding and practical experience of the wide range of dance choreographed and performed today.

Reflecting on her achievement, Ilaria said “This achievement meant a great deal to me, firstly as it was the second time competing after 18 months of Covid and secondly, the fact that it’s a national title. I hope to continue training and one day represent GB at Europeans or World Championships level. I believe that dancing will always be a part of my life in the future.”

Millfield’s Director of Dance and Drama, Rhian Fox, said “Ilaria is an outstanding gymnast and her movement vocabulary and expression have been of huge advantage to her in dance, where we see the combination of physical skill and storytelling come to the fore. Each week we see her phenomenal work ethic and commitment, and are delighted with her achievements.”

Find out more about dance at Millfield here.

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