Prep pupils waiting to be seated in the dining hall
Prep pupils eating in the dining hall
Pre Prep Food
Pre Prep Food
Pre Prep Dining Hall

The Pre-Prep Dining Room is a warm, colourful and fun space for young children to enjoy their meals.

The flexible caterpillar tables allow pupils to eat meals at a leisurely pace with their friends and teachers, in an inviting and supportive atmosphere.

Each pupil has a choice of three homemade hot dishes (including a vegetarian option), freshly prepared vegetables, jacket potatoes with fillings and salads. The choice of main meal is served in a familiar, family style and pupils can help themselves to an assortment of puddings and fresh fruit from the custom-made, child-friendly food counter. Younger children are served directly at the tables by their teachers.

The dedicated Pre-Prep Catering Supervisor ensures each pupil’s individual needs are catered for, whether complicated dietary restrictions, allergies or individual food preferences.