The Road Safety Stormtrooper Visits Millfield Pre-Prep

The Road Safety Stormtrooper Visits Millfield Pre-Prep

Last week was national Road Safety Week.

All of the Pre-Prep classes talked about how to safely cross a road, including where is sensible to cross and about holding an adult's hand.

Year 1 and Pre-School pupils were very lucky to be visited by the Road Safety Stormtrooper, who showed them how to cross the road properly. The children were all delighted to meet a real Stormtrooper and crossed the road very sensibly.

The children in Pre-School enjoyed making tasty traffic light biscuits and the Year 2 children even sewed their own florescent road safety vests!

Find out more about learning at Millfield Pre-Prep here.

Other News

British Selection OM Swimmers

Last week, it was amazing to see so many OMs competing at the British Swimming Selection Trials for the Tokyo Olympics this summer. The OMs who participated were James Guy (2008-2009; MPS/2009-2014; Great), Kieran Bird (2016-2018; Holmcroft), Brodie Williams (2013-2017; Great), Jessica Podger (2018-2020; Martins), Jakob Goodman (2015-2019; Orchards), Rachel Anderson (2015-2020; The Lakes), Cameron Kurle (2008-2010; MPS/2010-2016; Great) and William Mitchell (2015-2020; Orchards).

Three students secure places to study medicine at top universities

Upper Sixth students Jasmine Nobbs, Polly Painter and Emily Patterson have secured places at top universities to study medicine. The aspiring medics have received offers from Oxford, Southampton, Birmingham and Liverpool which are among the leading medical schools in the UK.