School Surgery

Prep School Surgery

The role of the School Surgery is to oversee the health and welfare of the children at Millfield Pre-Prep School, helping pupils to participate as fully as possible in school life.

The surgery is a modern purpose built unit, with a large treatment room and two ensuite two-bedded rooms.

The surgery is staffed by three registered nurses. The school doctor, a partner at the Glastonbury Surgery, sees pupils at the surgery four lunchtimes a week. All boarders must be registered with the school doctor. A female doctor is available to see any boarder on request. The doctor is responsible for the medical care of the boarders at both Millfield Prep School and the Senior School. We undertake a routine health screening on all new boarding pupils.

As part of the medical team, a chartered physiotherapist with a special interest in paediatric musculo-skeletal conditions has a private practice on site. This service is a private arrangement between the physio and parents who will be invoiced directly. Contact details can be obtained from the surgery.

We also have a private podiatrist who attends approximately twice a month. Contact details from surgery.

The School Nurses are in surgery 8.00am-6.00pm Monday to Friday, and from 8.00am-5.00pm Saturdays. We operate an “open door” policy which ensures that children and staff have access to care at all times during the school day. When surgery is unattended there is a voicemail facility for messages. At night and at the weekends an out of hours service is available for houseparents and the 111 service can be contacted.

When boarding children are ill, they are cared for in their boarding houses, either in their own beds or in the house sick bay, where they are looked after by the houseparents. Arrangements can be made for them to be visited by a member of the medical team. If illness occurs during school hours day and boarding children may be looked after in the surgery. In certain cases, it may be necessary for children to be sent home or to their guardians until recovered.

In the event of an emergency, staff will make every reasonable effort to contact parents or legal guardians before permitting treatment to proceed as advised by the medical authorities present.

It is recommended that children are registered with a home dentist and dental checks are carried out in school holidays. In an emergency care can be provided by a local dental practice.

If your child has a significant illness or injury when at home, please inform the surgery, so we can keep up to date with your child’s health needs to ensure the best care.

Contact details – 01458 837503 or