Extension and Enrichment

Tens of thousands of people never find out where their talent is. Where else are they going to find out but at school?”
- Terry Pratchett, Author

In accordance with the vision of R.J. Meyer, the founder of Millfield School, at Millfield Prep we aim to find the ability within all pupils. Extension and Enrichment is one of the programmes that works to support able pupils in their quest to make the most of their ability.

Able pupils in every sector of school life - academic, sporting, musical, social awareness, drama or art and design - have special requirements and these requirements need to be met. The Extension and Enrichment programme aims to identify and challenge pupils who demonstrate exceptional ability, or the potential to excel, in any area of our curriculum.

Heads of Department are fully aware of the need to offer suitable extension work for the pupils within their departments and are encouraged to compare notes with fellow staff relating to the progress of able students in all other areas.

The curriculum is enriched by clubs and activities, which are organised at lunchtimes and after school. Problem solving, general knowledge, thinking skills, cryptic crosswords, language enrichment and mathematical investigation are just some of the areas which have been offered in recent years.

Opportunities are offered to pupils for them to attend specific enrichment events organised within the school or provided by external bodies, including national and international academic competitions such as Maths Olympiads, the Townsend-Warner History Competition, essay-writing competitions and science festivals. Recognition is given for individual and collective achievement in inter-school competitions and progress in award schemes.