Junior Department

Pupils aged 7-10 (Years 3-5) in the Junior Department study in small classes and are taught by primary-trained teachers for many of their subjects. From Years 3 to 5, pupils are set in Maths according to ability, thereby allowing for differentiation to challenge and support pupils appropriately. In Year 6, pupils are also set for Maths and are taught by specialist teachers in each subject.

Classes are headed by a group tutor who is responsible for a pupil’s general programme and welfare; they also teach many of the lessons in Years 3-5. We believe it is essential that all pupils acquire a good grasp of English and Maths, and the Junior staff also teach Science, Humanities and Art. Other subjects, such as Design & Technology, ICT, Languages, Music, Drama and PE, are taught by subject specialists who are experienced in teaching primary-aged pupils.

Since 2016, the Junior Department has introduced a new curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). IPC is a thematic, inquiry-based curriculum that provides a clear process of learning along with specific learning goals for every subject. It provides the children with an exciting, enriched, challenging and extensive learning journey, which focuses not just on the UK but also on modern-day issues across the globe, whilst at the same time encompassing the British national curriculum.

Juniors enjoy regular trips and experience days, which enhance their learning around specific units of work. They relish opportunities to take their learning outdoors, either to local places and habitats of interest or out in the school’s grounds.