Day Pupils

Day pupils make up approximately 70% of all the pupils at Millfield Prep. There are currently around 250 day pupils at Millfield Prep and 80 day pupils at Millfield Pre-Prep. 

Our day pupils are fully integrated into the school community and benefit from all the opportunities and the educational mix that Millfield Prep has to offer.

The day begins with registration at 8.25am, followed by group tutor time, assembly or Chapel. Day pupils return home after lessons finish at 3.45pm unless they are involved in games or clubs. Day pupils are welcome to stay for supper with boarders at 5.00pm (this is charged for unless the child is involved in a school commitment) and can also stay for prep, which runs from 5.30-6.15pm. There are lessons on Saturday mornings (optional for Year 3), after which day pupils may leave, although many will be involved in sports fixtures in the afternoon.

As a day pupil you can stay for clubs if you wish, enjoying as many as you can fit into your busy day. They range from horse riding to climbing and jewellery making.

school minibus is available for a number of local routes, or parents may drop off and pick up outside the school.

Flexi and occasional boarding are options that you may also wish to consider if your child is a day pupil at Millfield Prep.

I like all the teachers and having so many friends. There are great facilities and opportunities as well.

Max - Year 7