A centre for creative thinking. The Art Department is a hive of creative activity. With its outstanding and varied facilities, every child has the opportunity to find their own individual strength. Helping pupils learn how to make independent creative decisions and to gain confidence through learning, stretching the imagination through self-expression, is at the heart of what we do.

We also believe in laying the foundations in art and design so that each child has a good grasp of the fundamental principles behind the production of art.

Development through expert teaching and resources

For those children who enjoy the physical process of making in 3D, we have a purpose-built stone carving area, as well as a fully-equipped pottery. 

We understand the need for people to be able to think differently, to adapt and to be creative. Pupils are given opportunities to discover their strengths through the rich and varied creative experiences they get here at Millfield Prep.

Pupils are encouraged to research artists and develop personal projects. These self-led projects enable children to make their own discoveries and teach them independent creative thinking skills.

Opportunities to explore and exhibit artwork

Pupils can discover artists and experiment with their style through trips to various galleries and museums both locally (Cardiff, Bristol, Bath) and further afield (London and abroad). We have close links with the Art Department at Millfield Senior School and take full advantage of their internationally acclaimed Atkinson Gallery.

We organise cross-curriculum focus days, where once a year all Year 7 pupils come off timetable for the day and are treated to a whole range of workshops. Pupils get a great sense and deeper understanding of a theme or culture when it is experienced across the subject range.

Pupils also have the opportunity to exhibit their work throughout the school, enter competitions and take part in Somerset Art Weeks, which celebrate art in the local community and beyond.

We believe that every child is an artist and that it is our role to build confidence and inspire each and every pupil to create and express themselves using their own unique and special talents.


About the sole limit on what a child could achieve in art is that child’s own talent: from the artist in residence, to the 3D lasercutter, to the area dedicated to the sculpting of stone – it’s all here for the taking.

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