Dance at Millfield Prep School

The Dance company at Millfield Prep is a newly formed group where our pupils can participate in internal and external dance productions. Due to the popularity in recent years, pupils have been granted the opportunity to continue their passion for dance at school and have worked on solo and group pieces to develop new skills and build confidence.

The Dance company were a pivotal part of the recent school production Matilda, where they added life to many scenes with their rehearsed dances and provided smooth transitions between acts. In addition to this, the group held a dance showcase at Millfield Prep School, where family and friends enjoyed solo and group performances that the pupils had been choreographing throughout their sessions.

As well as in-house productions, the Dance company attended their first external dance show at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil this year. It was an amazing experience for our pupils and the first of many exciting events for this group.