The Lion King: behind-the-scenes documentary

No pupil is left in the wings…unless that’s where they would prefer to be.

Productions at Millfield Prep are all-inclusive and embracing and that’s why we have so many. If children wish to be part of the show and can dedicate the requisite time and effort, then they are assured of a role. Public performance brings many benefits for those involved. Pupils relish the teamwork and working closely with their friends, finding and developing new skills, having fun and building confidence.

Most pupils choose to tread the boards, some find the technical side more interesting, while others just enjoy moving scenery and being part of the team. If a pupil shows enthusiasm and aptitude, then we shall encourage and support. One boy was fascinated with all the lighting and sound aspects and was soon running that part of our performances; he is now Production Manager for the Lion King's world tour.

Each year, we perform around five shows to our viewing public, which include two Junior plays and full-scale productions for Years 6, 7 and 8. Choosing scripts that demand so many roles (and we aim for all pupils that wish it to have speaking parts) is not always easy and we have written and composed several plays and musicals to solve this conundrum. In conjunction with our Design & Technology and Art Departments, pupils also design, build and promote the production themselves. The pressure is always on and the logistics demanding, but the shows always go on.

Recent highlights include MoanaDick Whittington, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast and The Highwayman, to name but a few.