Remote Sports Provision

The Director of Sport, Physical Education teachers and sports coaches have provisions for a remote learning scenario, and these will differ depending on the sport and individual needs. 

Sport plays a huge role in the lives of many children at Millfield Prep and we are aiming to support and maintain this passion. Participation in sport and physical exercise is so important for young people’s physical health and mental welfare. It is also an area where pupils excel and develop confidence to take into their academic studies. The school is maintaining a normal curriculum, and this includes sport.

Physical Education lessons are being delivered live to pupils via Microsoft Teams. Interactive, teacher-led lessons are focused on physical competency and athletic development. Pupils are required to maintain a weekly exercise diary and are expected to undertake a minimum of three and a half hours of exercise per week. Appropriate physical tasks are being set, and pupils are uploading videos for staff to review. If circumstances are difficult or space is limited, alternative appropriate resources are provided. In addition to the Physical Education lessons, sprinting, distance running, and field event training sessions are proving very popular.

Every sport has a specialist coach sharing targeted videos and live coaching to engage pupils, and many coaches are supporting pupils on an individual basis. Forty riders have joined the British Horse Society Challenge Award Scheme; a valuable recognised qualification. Tennis, Golf, and Fencing squads are operating successfully, Cricket development squads are training before school and the Swimming squads are following a challenging land conditioning program. Winter sports such as Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball are hugely popular.

Regular sports clubs are also running. These are delivered live via Microsoft Teams and have been hugely popular, with some having as many as 40 children participating. Clubs allow pupils to chat and share sporting videos with their friends in a constructive, teacher-led environment.

During normal term time, individual sports programmes are delivered for pupils. The school is trying to maintain this provision through remote learning. Teachers and specialist coaches are interacting with individuals and groups to ensure fitness levels, focus and sporting development is maintained.