Opportunities for all

All children, irrespective of their particular sporting talents, are encouraged to represent the school in fixtures on a regular basis. Each term we run approximately 60 regular school teams and pupils can try out a number of different activities through our extensive Clubs and Activities programme. This approach allows for flexibility: for example a pupil could climb or sail on a Wednesday afternoon, yet still train and play team sports on a Saturday.

Whenever possible, we operate separate ‘B team' tournaments, to ensure later developers or younger pupils have the same player developmental opportunities as more physically mature peers, and our senior coaches are often allocated to work with these teams. Unlike many schools, we generally do not mix our Year 7 and 8 pupils to select our first teams. Although this policy may, on occasion, slightly weaken our top teams, it does mean that far more pupils have the opportunity to play regular prep school 1st team sport.

Tailored for the individual

In order to help pupils realise their full potential, it is possible to play tennis full-time, swim up to eight times per week, ride or play golf, and still participate in regular team sports. Operating individual sporting programmes allows the school to find strengths in every child. Children are not forced to participate in the sport of the term but instead, through negotiation, pupils are encouraged to pursue sports that are appropriate for their needs.

Broad, balanced sports programme

Each week, all year groups spend at least 3.5 hours within the curriculum on PE, games or individual sports, which includes two PE lessons per week, delivered by five full-time specialists. In addition to curriculum games, pupils are encouraged to participate in extra squad and team training sessions. Many of our pupils participate in various sports sessions at least once every day.

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