About Us

Millfield is distinctively different. From its foundation in 1935 through to the present day the school has inspired generations of students to immerse themselves in The Millfield Way to discover their personal brilliance. Millfield has the resource and attitude to bring together key staff to provide an education and experience that honours the individual child at the centre. This doesn’t happen in other schools. Academic study, cultural and sporting endeavours set every student on the path to success, going into the world with confidence and maturity to write their own futures, succeeding in all walks of life and supporting those around them. 

Sitting at the forefront of our ethos is our belief in the goodness of young people, the importance of curiosity, caring attitudes and a shared mindset connecting students, teachers, coaches and parents within the school community; secure in the challenges that Millfield provides:

  • A rich learning community where being different and discovering individual brilliance is the norm
  • Richness of relationships and recognition of the power of student voice to become actively involved in creating connectedness, memories and friendships that can last a lifetime
  • Respect for the quiet confidence of those less forthright yet committed to achieve
  • Outstanding facilities and small class sizes enable a culture where each student is supported and challenged by a community of teachers, coaches and house staff
  • Sophisticated use of digital technology for learning where students benefit from its use, but equally understand their responsibilities

We all want what is best for our children. I hope that you will enjoy our website's expression of Millfield's unique offer and I look forward to welcoming you to the school.

Mr Gavin Horgan, Headmaster