Nine at Millfield

‘Nine at Millfield’ is an innovative programme tailor-made to meet the academic and development needs of 13-14 year olds.

We understand that Year 9 is a time of huge change for children. It’s a big step from junior or prep school to a senior school and also a time of adolescent change - physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. ‘Nine at Millfield’ has been created to help students with this change, providing the environment and support they need to really get to know the school, settle in and succeed.

“An innovative programme for pupils in Year 9 to help them settle into senior school and to discover new talents and interests.”

ISI Inspection

Millfield students swimming during their weekend on Year 9 camp

Learning is at the heart of the programme, and throughout Nine at Millfield we’ll offer a curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom, which stretches and challenges each young person to make learning even more inspiring and involving. Our academic curriculum offers an exceptionally wide range of subjects, all tailored to each pupil’s learning ability. 

This is combined with an outstanding sport and co-curricular programme and a focus on learning in the outdoors - making the most of Somerset’s wonderful resources on our doorstep. The result? A dynamic, diverse programme that engages and connects our pupils with limitless academic, artistic and sporting outcomes by discovering and nurturing their talents and passions.

Nine at Millfield is located right at the heart of the Millfield campus, with three dedicated boarding houses and a day house for Year 9 students only. There are two boys' boarding houses, Keen's Elm and Millfield House, and a girls' boarding house, Acacia. The day house, Ivythorn, is our only mixed day house at Millfield. The houses have Year 9 housemasters and housemistresses who oversee every aspect of a child’s wellbeing and academic progress, and each house is supported by a high staff to student ratio. Senior students play an important role in mentoring new students in their first year.

We put the student at the centre of all we do. Nine at Millfield welcomes students into the Millfield community and offers them a year to establish themselves before making confident transitions to Year 10, ready for the challenges of their GCSEs. It also equips each student with the skills and friendships to face the future with confidence and excitement.

If you have any questions about the Nine at Millfield programme please email the Director of Year 9, Toby Sawrey-Cookson at