Millfield provides a broad and balanced education which not only prepares students for public examinations but also gives them the confidence to achieve success throughout their adult lives. We believe that education should open doors, not close them by premature specialisation, and up to the age of 16 every student receives a rounded education in both Arts and Sciences.

Millfield offers an exceptionally wide range of courses which underpin the school's curriculum whilst still allowing students' programmes to be tailored to individual needs. An exciting range of vocational courses are also available in the Sixth Form, including BTECs and the Leiths Introductory Certificate.

Students are taught in small sets, made possible by our high staff to student ratio. Up to GCSE (or equivalent level), in order for every student to access an appropriate curriculum and make good progress, classes are banded by general ability and additional streaming takes place in English, Mathematics, Science and Languages.

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