Year 9

Year 9 pupils at Millfield follow a broad and balanced curriculum designed to keep their options open and develop the essential skills that they need to learn and progress. As pupils move into Year 10 and through to Year 11 the core (or compulsory) curriculum is slimmed down and pupils are offered greater choice in the subjects that they study.

Year 10-11 Courses

English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science and Positive Education are core (or compulsory) subjects for all pupils. A Modern Foreign Language is also included as a core subject for most pupils. Beyond the core element of the curriculum, a wide range of option subjects are available. See Year 10/11 Courses brochure for more information.

Sixth Form Courses

The Sixth Form curriculum has been designed to provide pupils with a broad and flexible choice of subjects and courses which include A levels (or equivalent), BTECs and GCSEs. Each course has its own entry requirements. See Sixth Form Courses brochure for more information.

Academic News