Evening & Weekends

Millfield cross country
Year 9 students team building activity

There is a specific time set aside each evening for boarders to complete their prep. Students are registered at 7pm and prep commences after a short house meeting until 9pm. Sixth Form students may work in the library using IT and research facilities as many evenings as they choose. The Art Department is open through the week for students studying Art or Photography at A level.


Millfield's Boarding Programme is a series of activities through the week covering physical and cerebral challenges. Students enjoy; swimming, dodge ball, gaming, prep club and many other new areas to them. The Chindit League is a highly popular and competitive football tournament played between the houses at junior and senior level on the school astro or on house courts. Games are played at least once per week.

Weekends and Exeats

Millfield ensures that there is always a diverse range of exciting and engaging events at the weekends. Trips and ‘Hops’ for junior students are held regularly, and this is supplemented by the many cultural events that our Music and Drama Departments hold on Saturday evenings. On Sundays, houses often take trips and go to events or can use the swimming pool or other sporting facilities. All boarders can visit the cinema in Yeovil as trips are frequently organised and trips further afield, such as to Thorpe Park, occur on a termly basis.

Boarders are allowed three exeats in the autumn term, and three in the spring and summer terms. These must be taken after games on a Saturday and boarders are required to return by 10pm on Sunday. This is organised in cooperation with the relevant Housemaster/Housemistress. These exeats are in addition to the school exeat held in the autumn term when all boarders leave the campus for the weekend. There are no restrictions to boarders seeing family on Sundays.

My favourite thing about boarding is the people around you as you’re living with your friends who later become family.

Lourdes, Lower Sixth Student