Day Students

Students walking around the senior campus
Senior students in a physics lesson
Millfield students walking on campus towards the Johnson Hall
Maths lesson at Millfield
Millfield students on the bridge
Millfield day students walking on campus

Millfield is a mix of day and boarding students. Day students are fully integrated into the school community and enjoy to the full all the opportunities and the educational mix that Millfield has to offer.

The day begins at 8.30am for all students with registration and a tutorial session with group tutors. Day students return home after lessons, games, MAP or whichever activity they may be involved in. They are welcome to stay for supper with boarders and the library is open for day and boarding students to do prep and private study until 8.45pm. There are lessons on Saturday mornings and many will be involved in sports fixtures in the afternoon, after which day students may leave.

Day Houses

There are five Day houses, two girls' houses, two boys' houses and Ivythorn, the co-educational Year 9 house. Each Day house has a Housemaster or Housemistress (HsM) and Assistant HsM, who provide a strong support structure. Beyond the house, day students and boarders are supported by a group tutor and head of year in school, and have access to a very well staffed Medical Centre, a school counselling service and the Spiritual Director.

The Day houses are decorated in a homely style and are a base for students to meet, bring friends and enjoy the daily routine of life at Millfield. Each girls’ house has its own common room with flatscreen TV, space to mingle and relax. The girls’ houses also have their own changing rooms and each day girl has a locker to store their possessions during the day.

Every child matters which Millfield appreciates, here every child can reach their full potential

Jayne Meredith - Parent