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In line with Millfield's philosophy of providing an excellent all-round education, the purpose of the Millfield Activities Programme (or MAP as it is familiarly known) is for students to experience a range of activities and develop skills beyond those in the core curriculum or core games and sports programmes. Hence, whilst composition varies seasonally, and with interest from staff and students, suitable MAPs diversify the student learning experience and cater for all standards and abilities.

Over 100 different activities are currently offered during the course of the year. MAP includes many sports to broaden options, plus a range of other pursuits, hobbies and voluntary work. Recently there have been a number of activities included which cater for mental health and wellbeing. In Lower Sixth and Year 11 students can also choose to participate in lectures as part of the Emerging Adults component of the EAGLES programme.

There is no charge for the vast majority of MAPs, however some may involve a fee for additional costs, to cover specialist materials or external tuition (e.g. falconry, cooking and snooker).

It is not uncommon for students to develop a long-lasting interest and enthusiasm for their activities, continuing on to more advanced levels as they progress through and beyond the school. MAP therefore makes an important contribution to the all-round education that Millfield provides.


"I have really enjoyed our MAP sessions this term, it has allowed me to work with friends and think of new and inventive ways to help the community around us. It has also made me realise how many steps you have to go through to create something worthwhile, it’s not just a quick and simple process."

Upper Sixth student Lily, who takes part in the USP EAGLES MAP