Charity and Community Service

Millfield Lower Sixth student Oliver supporting India community by delivering toys and coaching rugby
Millfield host annual Community Day 2022
Millfield Community Day 2022

Charity and Community Service events are part of life at Millfield. We are proud of the contribution that students make to a wide range of events that are organised at house, year group and the whole school level. Well over £150,000 has been distributed to a range of causes in the last ten years. It is arguably of equal importance that our students learn firsthand about the objectives of a range of causes. This exposure, for some, will act as a catalyst for lifelong support of a particular cause. We welcome representatives from a range of charities each year to contribute to the PSHEE programme and to attend different events that are organised. Our hope is that, through their exposure to a range of activities and causes, our students will develop a sense of the type and scale of need that exists in modern life.

Our aims are to help students to:

  • develop an awareness of the need in the local, national and international settings
  • respond to identified needs both as individuals and groups
  • organise a range of events that generate funds for a designated cause and through this to develop their leadership, communication, administrative and team working competencies
  • appreciate the value of service
  • develop a sense of community
  • play an active role in the decision making involved in the distribution of funds raised through charity events

Through these goals we aim to ensure that Millfield fulfils its social responsibility to less advantaged people.

Millfield Charity Committee

The school's Charity Committee meets regularly to discuss fundraising initiatives and requests for support. They are charged with the important responsibility of voting for the school's nominated charities for each calendar year.

Our School Charities 2023

Local: Trussel Trust Food Bank

National: Young Lives vs Cancer

International: Lalibela High School and the World Food Programme

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