Parents' Meetings

Parents' meetings provide an opportunity for parents to discuss the academic progress of their son/daughter during the course of each academic year.

Additional Parents' Meetings are also scheduled during the autumn term; one for Lower Sixth parents and students with Heads of Departments and/or senior tutors to discuss Sixth Form choices and one with the group tutors of Year 9, Year 10 and Lower Sixth students at half term to review initial progress.

The reporting and Parents' Meetings schedules are designed to complement each other to ensure that a regular dialogue is maintained between teachers, parents and students on effort and attainment. Students in all years are encouraged to attend the relevant meeting(s) with their parents.

Meetings will take place online - unless a date is specified.


Autumn Term 2022

 Year 9, Year 10 and Lower Sixth                                                                                                           

Group Tutor Parents' Meeting

w/c 10 October 

 Upper Sixth

Subject Tutor Parents' Meeting

w/c 7 November

 Year 11

Group Tutor Parents' Meeting

w/c 28 November



Spring Term 2023

Lower Sixth                                                                                                                 

Subject Tutor Parents' Meeting

w/c 9 January

 Year 11

Group Tutor Parents' Meeting

w/c 30 January

 Year 9 and Upper Sixth

Subject Tutor Parents' Meeting

w/c 6 February

Year 10
Subject Tutor Parents' Meeting w/c 27 February
Year 9
Subject Tutor Parents' Meeting w/c 13 March



Summer Term 2023

Lower Sixth                                                                                                                 

Housemaster/mistress Parents' Meeting

w/c 22 May