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Millfield Girl Boarders on iPad in their boarding house
Millfield students using iPads in a lesson
Millfield Year 9 Science student using technology in science lesson
Millfield Girl Boarders on an iPad in their boarding house in Street, Somerset
Millfield Cricket learning digitally whilst on the cricket pitches in Street, Somerset
Millfield Boy Boarder with headphones on

Here at Millfield we were well equipped to roll out remote learning for our students at relatively short notice. We have been using iPads for many years and we already had provisions in place to facilitate effective remote teaching and learning. Millfield is a leader in using technology in the classroom, on the sports field and in our co-curricular programmes and we continuously innovate to deliver the most effective provision and learning experiences.  Alongside our academic study, fitness and conditioning programmes, coaching services and seamless pastoral care are available for students, staff and members of the Millfield community alike wherever they are learning in the world.

Remote Learning Quote from Millfield's Teacher of Art, Virginia Mason
remote learning
Remote Learning Quote from Millfield's Teacher of Music, Kirsty Barry
remote learning
Remote Learning Quote from Millfield's Teacher of Business, Liz Cox
remote learning
remote learning
Millfield Maths Students taking part in Maths Pi Shop remotely
Millfield student Jade remote learning
Millfield Year 9 student Maisie studying Spanish remotely in the Blackdown Hills 
Millfield Upper Sixth Drama Class Remote Learning from home

Remote Learning news

The Millfield Way Podcast

remote learning
How To be Academically Brilliant, Even In Lockdown

Listen to Millfield's Academic team, including Deputy Head (Academic) Alex Haydon, Head of Academic Extension, Dr Abbie Pringle, and Head of Learning Support, Julie White, discuss how students can continue their academic interests from home.

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How to Be Happy and Healthy at Home This Term

Hear from Deputy Head (Pastoral) Kait Weston and Head of Pastoral Compliance and Support, Adi Whatling as they look at the ways everyone can look after their mental health during lockdown. 

Art and Design link
Lockdown: The Stimulus for Creativity

Millfield's Director of Music, Matthew Cook, Head of Art, Paul Maxfield, and Head of English, Drama and Media, James Baddock take live questions from an audience of parents and students on how we can all unleash their creative sides in lockdown.

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Five top tips for Careers and Higher Education after COVID-19: what to do next?

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that 2020 leavers have had a very strange year: no exams, a sudden end to their school experience and uncertainty around university places and the year ahead. For Upper Sixth leavers who are unsure as to what to do next, Millfield Head of Careers and Higher Education, James Brittain, offers some advice and top tips so students embarking on life beyond Millfield can be reassured about their choices.

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