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Millfield Year 9 student Maisie studying Spanish remotely in the Blackdown Hills 

We are fortunate that our teachers and students have been using iPads for many years and so moving to remote teaching and learning was a smooth transition.  We have been using Showbie and other online applications for a long time. We introduced Microsoft Teams a few years ago and already had pilot groups working on Class Teams.

In addition to our wide range of internal online learning tools our students, of all ages, are also encouraged to access great resources and lessons on line;  Schoolsnet, BBC Learning and Educational Quizzes which are a fun way of securing knowledge. In addition we use Accelium which helps teach effective thinking models, Mangahigh for further support in maths and for linguists Linguascope.

Millfield Summer Courses 

Millfield is delighted to offer a wonderful opportunity to take our students beyond the level that they have been studying at, whether that is in Year 11 or Upper Sixth, and introduce them to something new.

Two new courses have been created:

The Millfield Diploma is, in most cases but not all, for students in the Upper Sixth who have been studying that subject at A level, Pre-U or Level 3 BTEC level and would like to take it further. These courses are designed to bridge the gap between school and undergraduate. Some of the diploma courses are open to all.

The Millfield Certificate is for all our Year 11 and Upper Sixth students. You may have just finished studying the subject and want to take it further, as an introduction to the Sixth Form course. You may want to take a certificate course in a new subject you are considering for A level but are not absolutely sure about. If you are in the Upper Sixth you may want to take a certificate course in a subject you gave up for Sixth Form but would like to revisit.

All courses, aside from the introduction to S.A.T. English and the beginner language courses, consist of 40 lessons over 8 weeks. For Year 11 students there is also the option of taking a project qualification at either Higher Level (HPQ – Level 2/GCSE) or Extended Level (EPQ – Level 3 or Sixth Form). The HPQ is worth an equivalent of half a GCSE and the EPQ is half the UCAS points of an A level. These qualifications are highly respected by universities. There is also the opportunity to get some early practice on S.A.T.s in English and Maths if you are considering a US university.

Millfield Summer Courses Brochure

We recently launched Minerva as our online hub for academic resources. All students have been sent the link to create Minerva as an app on their iPads. If they click on the app they will be taken to a landing page, headed up with interesting things to read, to watch and to listen to. From there they can press on links that take them to each academic subject where they will find resources to help with revision and to stretch and challenge. Minerva will be constantly updated over the next few weeks (and indeed for evermore!) so please do take the time to explore.


Millfield's Minerva Logo

Millfield's Minerva Logo

Screenshot of Millfield's Minerva homepage

Screenshot of Millfield's Minerva homepage

Screenshot of Millfield's Minerva Homepage

Screenshot of Millfield's Minerva Homepage

Millfield Careers Department 

Millfield Careers continue their excellent support and advice for all students through individual appointments on Microsoft Teams with Linda Nixon (for North American universities) and the Head of Careers and Higher Education, James Brittain. The majority of meetings cover general questions about post 16 or post 18 subject choices, which require a chat rather than an email exchange. 

The lower year groups are offered the online Morrisby assessments and Year 10 have their 1:1 guidance meetings  on Teams with an advisor from FutureSmart. This is complemented by the Unifrog platform for the Sixth Form which Millfield has recently subscribed to giving students access to the best online guidance in the lead up to making university and job applications -

Presentations are also available as an alternative to speaking to the year group in PSHEE. 

Careers provision at Millfield video  



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How To be Academically Brilliant, Even In Lockdown

Listen to Millfield's Academic, including Deputy Head (Academic) Alex Haydon, Head of Academic Extension, Dr Abbie Pringle, and Head of Learning Support, Julie White, discuss how students can continue their academic interests from home.