Pastoral Care

Millfield is supporting students remotely in a number of ways and we recognise that support, in these uncertain times, is now more important than ever:

Group Tutors
Group Tutors will be available to speak with their tutees during normal term time school hours and engage in virtual tutoring via Microsoft Teams. Housemasters, Housemistresses and Assistants will be available via this platform too.

Counselling Provision
Any student who wishes to access remote counselling can contact counsellors via email to request support. The counselling team will work remotely and continue to provide support using Microsoft Teams to both existing users of the service and to any new referrals over the coming months.

Social Media
Information pertaining to pastoral needs, welfare, national and international support systems will be shared with members of our community via email, Instagram and Twitter.

Staying in Touch
Housemasters and Housemistresses will make contact with children and their families at regular points during the child’s absence from school, both during holiday periods and during term time. For the time being, children may be gone from Millfield, but they have not been forgotten!

Contact: Kait Weston, Deputy Head (Pastoral) via her PA, Maisey Durston (

Millfield Values Education Programme

We launched our values, after six months of work with all areas of the Millfield Community.Our values should inform all our actions as a learning community, and they should provide a road map for further developments at the School.
This period of remote learning has been an excellent test of whether we were accurate in our identification of the School’s values. 
The Values Education Programme is to inform discussion at home, and with group tutors, housemasters and housemistresses at school. It is clear from this, the importance that Millfield places on a holistic education and also the fact that there is a tremendous need, always, for diversity and balance and that the need has never been greater than now.