Sports Provision

Girls High Jump

Heads of Sport have switched to delivering our provision remotely and the methods used differ depending on the sport and individual athlete needs. This provision includes:

  • Fitness and conditioning programmes at home
  • Continued work on students Individual Development Plans (IDPs) with ongoing real time feedback
  • Video feedback where students can provide footage on skill execution
  • Technical and tactical sessions to help students understand skills and decision making in their sport
  • Life skills though our support services e.g. cooking skills, shopping skills, psychological skills
  • MS team calls and discussions with coaches

Summer Sport Programme

 Millfield Summer Term of Sport is a different offering to fit the current circumstances and will be equally challenging, competitive and developmental. We have 17 sports and a significant health, fitness and conditioning programme that will provide developmental opportunities in physical, psycho-social-emotional , educational , specific sports and movement skills.

Students will need to take more ownership and responsibility for their engagement which  is as a positive step in their development because this skill is crucial in life. Research on development in sport; and, feedback from Universities, business, and National Governing Bodies tell us that these skills are fundamental to achieving potential.

All sessions will be delivered by MS Teams and depending on the sport and activity include; live and pre-recorded or written sessions, a diverse range of health, fitness and conditioning with peers, opportunities to view technical demos, practice, record self-practice and share with peers and coaches for feedback and development planning. There will also be the chance to take part in competitive skill-based challenges. All sessions completed will be logged and shared with their House Team via Strava to contribute to cross campus competitions.

Also in the summer term, we are delighted to launch the  Millfield Movement Programme (MMP), which is a diverse rounded programme that will help you train all the skills to be fit and healthy during the summer. Strength and movement will take place  on Mondays; Aerobic Games on Wednesdays; Skills and Games on Saturdays; Yoga and Pilates on Mondays and Wednesdays.

 The MMP will consist of:

Sports Specific offers specific technical skills and sports specific conditioning skills for those students who would typically train and play their sport across the whole year. Some sessions will be available to all as an option

 House Sport  enables very activity you do with Millfield and at home with family to be logged via Strava and will count towards your House total. There will be team and individual prizes.

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