Sport is synonymous with Millfield, and we are proud to emphasise the significant impact it can have on student development. Our vision at Millfield is to be the world leader for the development of children, and a key strand to our mission is to be the best at immersing students in limitless academic, artistic and sporting opportunities. In sport, we achieve this by providing a diverse range of sporting opportunities with specialist coaches, a dynamic and flexible timetable, in outstanding facilities, catering for all abilities and aspirations.

What makes us different?

50+ Highly experienced, full-time and part time, specialist youth sport coaches, who have worked at the top of their sport and bring an exclusive understanding of youth sport development and age specific programmes. The staff includes 18 Olympic athletes, Paralympic, professional team and individual sportsmen and women. 

Student-athlete programmes that marry sport, academics and pastoral care to give the best preparation for transition into professional sport; Olympic/Paralympic pathways, UK, US and world university programmes. 

Meticulously crafted training and competition experiences starting in Millfield Prep, through Years 9-11 (junior youth) and Years 12-13 (senior youth/adult sport) that engage and challenge everyone regardless of ability or aspiration. We have innovative partnerships with clubs, training groups and National Governing Bodies to provide opportunities inside and outside of Millfield.

Sport is highly valued for everyone at Millfield. We deliberately position and value sport as a critical development experience in youth and whole person development, on a par with academic and pastoral experience, regardless of ability, aspiration and motivation.

We have carefully mapped sport journeys that prepare young athletes for the next step into adult environments, with fixture and competition programmes that challenge everyone.

Flexible multi-sport pathways that enable students to transition across sports e.g. from swimming to cycling, to discover new talents.

We are highly active in youth sport research and place huge importance on it. We partner with world leading Universities to further our work in youth sport and whole person development.


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