Digital Learning

Students learning with their iPads

Millfield has embraced the vision that effective use of information technology should be integral to the teaching and learning process, and be made available to students at all learning opportunities, in and outside the classroom.

A significant aspect of this approach is being delivered through our one-to-one mobile learning project. The school is equipped with cutting edge Wi-Fi capabilities and all students are required to have iPad tablet devices in lessons and also for further study outside of formal directed teaching time. Our teachers are also equipped with iPad devices and have undergone a full programme of training and development to utilise the technology in their own subject areas.

Students and staff can project wirelessly via their iPad device onto the classroom board, video creation and use is increasingly being used across the curriculum to aid understanding.

Our students are expected to adopt the full range of apps and multimedia tools to aid their subject learning and also to prepare them to be fully skilled for the fast changing digital world they will inherit after they leave school. The school also has a number of dedicated Mac & PC IT suites equipped with modern cutting edge facilities.

Through the use of these technologies, our aim is to promote pedagogical excellence in the classroom, embracing independent learning, collaborative learning, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and flexible progression.