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Why join a Prep School in Year 3?

Year 3 marks the start of Preparatory School, a step up in learning, independence, and for some, the start of boarding. Our cohort of seven to eight-year-olds at Millfield Prep benefit from expert teachers, an exceptional school clubs’ provision and exciting co-curricular activities. Read on to learn why families join Prep Schools in Year 3.

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Academic at Millfield Prep

Latin is often deemed as an archaic language, one that’s no longer spoken and has no relevance in the world we live in today. The language, however, is still a big part of Preparatory schools’ curriculum, teaching them not only a new language, but a set of transferrable skills that we use every day without even realising it. We asked Languages Teacher, Mrs Georgina Crispin, about the place it has in schools and society today.

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